Scoring Wilder


Title: Scoring Wilder

Author: R.S. Grey

Genre: New Adult, Sports, Contemporary

Page Count: 402


What started out as a joke— seduce Coach Wilder—soon became a goal she had to score.

With Olympic tryouts on the horizon, the last thing nineteen-year-old Kinsley Bryant needs to add to her plate is Liam Wilder. He’s a professional soccer player, America’s favorite bad-boy, and has all the qualities of a skilled panty-dropper.

• A face that makes girls weep – check.
• Abs that can shred Parmesan cheese (the expensive kind) – check.
• Enough confidence to shift the earth’s gravitational pull – double check.

Not to mention Liam is strictly off limits . Forbidden. Her coaches have made that perfectly clear. (i.e. “Score with Coach Wilder anywhere other than the field and you’ll be cut from the team faster than you can count his tattoos.”) But that just makes him all the more enticing…Besides, Kinsley’s already counted the visible ones, and she is not one to leave a project unfinished.

Kinsley tries to play the game her way as they navigate through forbidden territory, but Liam is determined to teach her a whole new definition for the term “team bonding.”


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My Thoughts

4 ‘she did it’ stars!!!

She believed she could, so she did

1. I’m a soccer player so hence a 10% of my happiness towards this book
2. Liam Wilder is 80% of my love for this book.
3. Kinsley’s dry humor and her thoughts are 5% of my love for this book.
4. Becca overall is the other 5% of my love for this book.

Kinsley is a nineteen-year-old soccer player who may have it rough when it comes to relationships and love, but her first love never let her down, soccer. She’s a freshman in college and is trying to follow her dreams and be invited to play in the Olympics, but Kinsley wants one thing that can jeopardize her college career and her dream. What is it? You mean, whom? Oh, it’s Liam Wilder.

“He’s my coach. My off-limits coach. He’s like chocolate, and I’m like pickles. They shouldn’t be mixed…
Unless…chocolate-covered pickles? No.”

You’re wondering what the big deal about Liam Wilder is? He’s the twenty-five-year-old tattooed bad boy star player for the LA stars. The media gives him a bad rep but on the field, no one can deny that he’s a one of a kind ball player, but he’s also now….Kinsley’s soccer coach. Having Liam as Kinsley’s coach meant:

1. He’s off-limits
2. Don’t have dirty thoughts about him (impossible not to)
3. He’s off-limits
4. You can’t touch him (how could you not?)
5. He’s off-limits
6. You can’t have any relationships with him (FUCK THESE RULES)

Being the mature, witty, responsible, funny and beautiful Kinsley as that, she is.. she broke all those rules. The chemistry between Kinsley and Liam were electric, and everyone saw it. They had their ups and downs, but you knew that they wanted to be with each other, but they knew the consciouses that would have came with it. Liam and Kinsley were in the spotlight now and had to be careful with everything they did. Liam had his rep to look after and Kinsley had her future/dream to protect.

“You’re acting like a child,” he hissed, his grey eyes flashing darker than usual.
I leaned in close and narrowed my eyes. “Funny. When you were on top of me on Saturday you didn’t think I was a child.”

Yes, they were forbidden. Yes, it went against the rules. Yes,Kinsley dealt with the consciouses. Yes, Liam was worth it.Yes, I want Liam to myself. Yes, I want to slap Tara and Josh.Yes, Becca is the cutest thing ever. And, yes, I love this book and will say it a million times.

This was one of those reads where when you start it you don’t want to put it down, and when you do put it down, you just want to pick it back up and continue from where you left off. I LOVE when the heroine is an athlete because I’m able to relate to her so much more considering I’m an athlete as well. I could relate with Kinsley in so many ways, and I loved the type of person she was and how she dealt with situations. If we’re completely honest if we were in her shoes we would have done the same thing 😉 Liam is cool, calm and collected but has a playful side which adds onto his sexy side and whenever he speaks you just want to hang on him like a koala and claim him as your own.. Lucky Kinsley.

He shook her hand, and I thought I saw a little blush across his tan cheeks. “Hello, Mrs. Bryant.”
“My daughter has talked my ear off about you for the past few weeks now,” she admitted, and then I was the one with flushed cheeks.
Liam’s cool gaze slide toward me.
“She’s exaggerating, I hardly mention you at all,” I winked.
Liam glanced back to my mom wearing a cheeky half-smile. “That’s not surprising to hear. Your daughter is definitely in love with me, Mrs. Bryant. She hasn’t told me yet, but she will soon.”

*THUMP* whats that? My heart falling from chest because cuteness overload.

One of the MAIN things I loved about this book were the dialogue and banter. Every character (or side character) said something funny to me, and I honestly loved everything that came out of their mouths. I sometimes love reading books where it isn’t always serious and that we can laugh and just enjoy the book without thinking someone is going to die or drama along the way. There was drama in the story don’t get me wrong, but I liked how the author lightened the mood with Becca’s outbursts or Kinsley’s comments and thoughts.

The moment Becca spoke, Liam’s hand retracted from my back as if he was awakening to the fact that he was touching me almost inappropriately. Oh, it was inappropriate. His hand had been resting just two inches above my shorts. Which is above five inches above my vagina. So… yeah, he was basically touching my vagina.


I ran over to open my bathroom door and shouted for Emily. “Em, are you sure you don’t want to come with us? We can put together a cute costume really quick!” I knew the answer would be no. She’d told us yesterday when we invited her to go shopping that she was going to stay in and Skype with her boyfriend. We had, of course, made fun of her for having Skype sex, and she blushed for an hour straight. Seriously, it was too easy.
“Yeah, I’m sure. Call me if you guys need a ride or anything!” Emily answered, already sitting at her computer with Skype open.
“Fiiiine, but don’t forget to use protection.. you don’t want your computer getting a virus,”

I don’t even know why you guys continued to read this review all the way to the end. You should have purchased the book probably after the first paragraph. What are you doing!?STOP READING AND GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK!!!

“Wildcats on three,” Coach Davis instructed, and then counted down.
“Wildcats!” we all screamed together in unison

Alex Morgan will be my Kinsley Bryant.

And Gerard Piqué will be my Liam Wilder.

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