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My name is Donish, not Danish *waits for a laughter*… no?.. okay…

I’ll start by saying that this is my first blog & I chose for it to deal with books because I’ve always loved reading. You know how all superheroes are normal in front of the human race, but the moment they hear the need for help the superhero in them shows? That’s how I see myself. I’m a 20-year-old college athlete, but the moment I hear the notification from my email from Barnes and Nobles, Goodreads, and/or Amazon/Kindle you will see me ripping my original clothes off with my onesie underneath and me running (maybe falling along the way) to my room, diving into my bed  under the covers and end up looking like a wrapped up burrito.

Reading books bring a certain happiness and calmness in my life.

Yes, I get emotionally attached to the characters I read about.Yes, I sometimes act like I’m a character in the books I read (don’t you?). Yes, I have a love/hate for cliffhangers. Yes, I love a bad ass heroine who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Yes, I love all types of genre of books. Yes, I may have some grammar errors. Yes, I will give my completely honest review on everything I read. ⇐ Yes, you can trust me on that. And yes, I’ll shut up now.

Enjoy & grab your onesie on this Journey with me! ♥

A quote that could describe me? 

“A social butterfly with a streak of introvert in her wings”

Need me? Down below 🙂



Review Policy


***FYI PT.2: If you want to get to know me just talk to me***


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