Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.40.21 PM.pngHello!

I’m so happy to announce that my online store is now shipping internationally! I decided to now ship internationally because I realized the majority of my followers on my book blog, Goodreads, and my book Instagram are all international! I hope some of you decide to buy from my store. Thank you 🙂

Side Note: If you’d love to see some of my items the Instagram for Axcent Touch is on the side of my blog but below I will put all the social medias for Axcent Touch!

P.S. If you follow the Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to Axcent Touch you will get 10% off your FIRST ORDER! 😀

Social Media

Twitter: @ shopaxcenttouch

Instagram: @ shopaxcenttouch


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UPDATE: I can die happy now


If you know me, then you know that my two favorite book series are the Lux and Ruthless People series. I just finished the Ruthless People series with A Bloody Kingdom (Ruthless People, #4). I went through EVERY emotion and feeling throughout that book, and I still can’t forget about it. I miss every character so much especially Liam and Melody *tear* BUTTTTTTT when I found this on J.J. Mcavoy’s facebook page…. Continue reading

Axcent Touch

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.02.33 AM.pngHello, everyone! 

I just launched my website, Axcent Touch! I decided I wanted to sell iPhone cases, jewelry, and more.  It all will be sold at a reasonable price, and I’d love for some of you to check out the website & follow the Official Instagram and Twitter for Axcent Touch (Axcent Touch Twitter & Instagram will have discounts, giveaways and more). Thank you! ♡

Some of my products:

Click the link below to visit the sites!




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Welcome, July!


Hey, firecrackers (I thought it was funny when I thought it… just ignore that comment)

It’s July! That means 4th of July is just three days away, isn’t that exciting? I wanted to encourage everyone to go out today or any day of this month and just try or do something new. It can be from a bucket list or just something you wish you did. Don’t hold back this month and be safe on 4th of July and every other day.

Talk to you later, firecrackers (okay, I thought if I said it a second time it would have sounded better.. I was wrong… ignore me again)!

Have a great month, everyone!



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100 Followers? What?! WHAT!?

Hey, guys!

I jus- *sees I have  100 followers*


WHAT!? Okay, ignore what I was just about to say… WHAT!? 100 FOLLOWERS!? Oh, my God. I totally didn’t think that could happen. I didn’t even expect to have more than ten followers on here. My little heart is beating with happiness right now. This is incredible and honestly makes my day.


I want to thank you, and I appreciate all 100 of you for following me from the start, midway, and/or just now on my journey on book blogging so far. I won’t let you guys done. It will only get better from here and out, I promise!


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Venting? Bloggers turned to friends?

Hello, bloggers turned to friends, or just strangers turned to friends (we’ll get more into that)!

I just wanted to say that I made my bookstagram and my book blog for yes, books but also to communicate with people who are as passionate into reading as I am. Growing up, I always played soccer and traveled because of it. My routine was soccer, school, soccer, school. The only time I got to escape from that routine was when I got to read my books late at night and live a thousand other lives. Everyone, just saw me as the ‘say what I want athlete girl’ and I was all right with it but once this question was asked:

“What do you like to do?”

I always answered truthfully, “I like to read.” It annoyed me how shocked and surprised they were whenever I said I loved to read because to them I was just an athlete. I never really had friends growing up that loved to read or even read at all (I know, what kind of world was I living in!?) until I started using Goodreads, made my Instagram, and blog. That’s when I started seeing and realizing that people do love to read and that I wasn’t the only one. At 20 years old, I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t lame or weird to just approach someone and try to have a friendship with them.

So, this is me approaching whoever is reading this and any bloggers, let’s be friends & talk books. 

A quote that describes me?

“A social butterfly with a streak of introvert in her wings”


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Hey! It’s me again!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God oh my God! I’m beyond excited right now because tomorrow three books that I preordered months ago and that I’ve patiently (lie) waiting for is going to be released tomorrow! I’m literally in my onesie right now jumping on my bed and screaming “FINALLY!”. Which books am I talking about you ask? Okay Okay only because you guys are begging me to tell you ;), I won’t be stingy I’ll let you guys understand my excitement!!  Continue reading